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Berber Camping

Venture into the dunes to spend a magical night under the stars in a Berber campsite. Enjoy a tagine and drum the night away by the fire. This will be a night to remember!

Our bespoke overnight stays in the desert are tailored to your needs and preferences, and are often enjoyed after a camel trek.

Enjoy the sunset from the top of the mighty dunes - it's not an easy climb, but the breathtaking views of the desert at dusk will make you feel glad you made it.

Our Berber guides will welcome you to the camp with traditional Moroccan tea, or "Berber Whiskey." Relax while they prepare your tagine, right there in the desert dunes!

Gather around the campfire and listen to Berber chanting and drumming before retiring.

Rise early to witness the beautiful desert sunrise before returning to Khamlia.

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