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Traditional Wood-fired Flatbread

Throughout the ages, one thing has remained constant in daily life across the world: Bread. Morocco is no different, but the visitor will be delighted to discover that in Khamlia, woodfired flatbread is the norm. Berber aghroum is stone baked in a clay oven over a woodfire, giving it delicious, crisp crust and fluffy centre.

Khadija Bread 1.jpg

The ingredients are simple and natural - flour, water, salt and yeast. These are kneaded into dough, which is a workout in itself! In the winter, it can take up to two hours for the yeast to work on the dough, but the summer heat accelerates the process.

Khadija uses her hands to roll out individual flatbreads. She bakes each one individually in the wood-fired clay oven. There is something highly satisfying about eating hot, freshly stonebaked bread with oil, "tahalout" (date syrup) or an omelette.

Khadija Bread 2.jpg
Khadija Bread 4.jpg

The early riser may be lucky enough to partake in the morning ritual of baking flatbread from scratch, but those who prefer to sleep in may still join in the fun as workshops may be organised at any time of the day. For foodies, this is a must-have breadmaking experience to add a truly authentic recipe to your repertoire, but anyone can enjoy this hands-on activity!

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