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There is no better way to relax after a day of adventures or trip to the Hamam bath house than to have your hands and feet pampered and decorated with beautiful henna designs.

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Henna can be found in North African, Arabian, Middle Eastern and Indian traditions and can be used as a natural hair and fabric dye as well as traditional hand, foot and fingernail decoration.

Made from the dried powdered leaves of the Lawsonia inermis plant, henna is mixed with water to create a paste. Tea leaves or lemon juice mixed with sugar may be used to intensify or soften the tones. Henna is drawn onto the surface of the skin of the hands and feet using a syringe, creating intricate floral patterns.

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Henna is graceful and delicate, and can be found traditionally on the hands of a Moroccan bride. The application of Henna holds a special place in the Moroccan wedding ceremony, however, visitors also enjoy Henna simply as a decorative and relaxing experience.


Henna dye can last up to several weeks if allowed to dry properly - try to avoid water the following day. Watching the beautiful henna patterns unfold on your hands and feet is both mesmerizing and relaxing, the perfect way to enjoy a warm Sahara evening! Prices range from €5 to €20.

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